How To Move Heavy Furniture

Knowing how to move heavy furniture is a valuable skill to have. Trying to shift furniture (or any other heavy item) can cause serious harm if it’s done incorrectly, particularly to your lower back and spinal regions. It also makes the job a lot harder than it needs to be.

Here are some easy steps you can follow to move your heavy furniture safely, quickly and without an unwanted trip to the doctor’s office.

  1. Size up the move

Planning ahead is crucial for moving heavy furniture. Sort out where your furniture is moving to, then check out the route between starting and end positions. Note access points. Doorways and arches may cause problems, as can ceiling heights for lounges and sofas. Make measurements and use them to assess the best way to manoeuvre furniture from A to B without damage.

  1. Assess which equipment you need

Professionals use a range of equipment you can purchase or borrow if required. Moving trolleys are essential for warehouses, loading trucks and removalists for good reason – they literally take a weight off your back. They help you move furniture around corners, down stairs and transport it across even ground relatively fast. Shoulder straps are also an option to help prevent lower back injuries.

  1. Deconstruct your furniture (if possible)

moving heavy furnitureDeconstructing makes heavy furniture easier to pack into trucks, store away or move to another room. If it doesn’t deconstruct, look for ways to break it down. Coffee tables have removable surfaces, cupboards can have detachable doors and sofas break down into several items. Beds tend to split pieces too, and you can take shelves out of drawers.

  1. Package it up

Packaging is key to protection. If furniture is being transported, invest in high-quality packing material supplies and wrap your furniture to prevent scratches, dents and blemishes. If it’s particularly fragile add an extra layer of bubble wrap. If you’re loading into a truck, ensure it’s covered with moving blankets to help it through a bumpy ride. Removalists moving house will take care of this for you.

  1. Moving the furniture

  • Use your equipment. If you have a moving trolley line up the object, slide the trolley underneath and use your feet and hands to get it balanced. Move the trolley slowly.
  • Slide the furniture. Rock the furniture up on both sides to sit it on a moving blanket. Get behind it and push the object along the floor. If you have a partner they can help by pulling the blanket from the front.
  • Carry with correct manual handling technique. To carry furniture (if it’s not too heavy) bend through your knees and keep your core activated. Set your back, and let your thighs do the lifting for you like a squat in the gym.

If you follow these tips, you’ll master how to move heavy furniture and your back will thank you for it! If you’d like some help, there’s always professional removalists to give you a hand.