Legal Fees and
Pricing Options

Our goal is to take away the uncertainty around legal costs and always provide value for money.

We have created a range of different payment options so you can choose the best match for your circumstances, before we commence work.

TBA Law Fixed Legal Fees

(All fees quoted include GST)

All initial assessment appointments are $295

TBA Law estate planning

Wills and Estate Planning Fees

Preparation of a Standard Will:  $550 ($1,100 per couple)

Testamentary Trust Will:  from $750 (from $1,500 per couple)

Enduring Power of Attorney:  $250

Appointment of a Medical Treatment Decision Maker:  $250

Complete Will and Powers of Attorney Package: $880

Complete Will and Powers of Attorney Package (per couple): $1,250

Variation to Trust Deed or Superannuation Fund Trust Deed:  from $450

TBA Law family law

Family Law and Divorce Fees

Prepare and obtain Consent Orders (terms already agreed):  $3,670

Divorce:  $1,100 + Court and other fees

Inter-spousal Property Transfer:  $1,595 + PEXA fee $117.92

Private Mediation and Consent Orders: $15,000

(All prices are subject to individual cost agreements.)

TBA Law Conveyancing

Conveyancing and Property Service Fees

Property Conveyancing: $1,595 + PEXA fee $117.92

Conveyancing with Water Share:  $2,200 + water fees + PEXA fee

Business Sale/Purchase:  $3,000

Business Sale/Purchase (with food premises registration): $3,500

Commercial Lease:  $990

Husband/Wife or Family Transfer:  $1,595 + PEXA fee $117.92

Guarantor Advice and Solicitor’s Certificate on mortgage documents:  $450

TBA Law Leasing

Subdivision: $880

Section 173 Agreement: $880

Stamp duty refund: $350

(Fees quoted include disbursements, but not lodgement fees)

Business and Commercial Services Fees

Prepare Commercial or Retail Lease:  $990TBA Law small business

Prepare a Loan Agreement:  $500

Prepare a Loan Agreement and Lodge Caveat:  $750

Prepare Partnership/Shareholder/Unit Holder Agreement:  from $880

Set up a new Trust:  from $990 + stamp duty

Sale or Purchase of Business:  from $3,000

Letter of Demand (debt recovery):  from $750

Prepare a Transfer or Variation of Lease:  from $495

Set up a new Company:  from $1,100

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You can choose from:

Fixed Fee Quote

A fixed quote will give you absolute certainty around how much a particular piece of work is going to cost. Because the fixed fee is based on a particular scope of work, if the scope of work changes, then the fee will need to be reviewed before work can continue.

Monthly Retainer Arrangement

A set monthly fee for all pre-negotiated legal services, no matter how much or how little legal work you require during any particular month.

Time-based Billing

Whilst often criticised, this is generally the best method for certain types of legal work (usually litigation). Billing frequency is negotiable, with an option of just paying disbursements until completion of the matter.

Specific Scale of Costs

See the Law Institute of Victoria for more information.

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