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Peace of mind

Peace of Mind

Learn all the crucial elements of preparing to do your estate planning.

Learn what happens if you die without a valid will.

Learn how to make sure your superannuation goes to the right people.

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EState planning webinar

Fundamentals of Making a Will Webinar: Estate Planning and Asset Protection

from July 2020

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Protect your children's future

How to Protect Your Children’s Inheritance and Make Sure They’re Care For

Pick a time that suits you to watch this pre-recorded webinar.

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Superannuation webinar

Did you know that your Will doesn’t cover your super? Superannuation and estate planning webinar

From July 2020

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3 common traps

Avoiding the 3 Common Traps Separating Couples Face

From 2019

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Blended Families and estate planning

Wills for Blended and Complex Families

from Sept 2020

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Avoid claim on will

Avoiding a Claim Against Your Will

From August 2020

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Stepping Up Your Small Business Legals Webinar

From 2019

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probate and estate administration

Probate and Deceased Estate Administration

From July 2020

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Testamentary trust webinar

Testamentary Trust Fundamentals

From November 2020

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Naming legal guardians

Naming Legal Guardians for Minors

From August 2019

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Learn how an Enduring Power of Attorney works

From Sept 2020

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Planning for retirement and pensions

Planning for Retirement and Pensions

From Oct 2020

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Estate planning horror stories

Estate Planning – Horror Stories

from October 2019

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Claims against estate

Claims Against Estates – Horror Stories

From Sept 2019

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Guest Webinars

Solo Kombani

Cyber Security for Small Business, and Mums and Dads

Jacqui Brauman from TBA Law hosts finance and cybersecurity specialist, Solo Kombani from Aiculus.

from November 2021

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Your Rural Business Could be More Valuable Than You Think

Special guests Dr Victoria Longshaw and Dr Carolyn Rolls, patent attorneys from Houlihan2.

from March 2021

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Deb Smith

What is the state of lending in 2020?

Special guest Deb Smith, Smartline mortgage broker

from August 2020

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Financial literacy for women

Financial Literacy for women

Special guest Emily Lanciana, Apt Wealth

from June 2020

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insurance webinar

What do I need to know about my insurance; bushfires and COVID-19?

Special guest Kate Fairley, Simplex Insurance Solutions

from April 2020

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foreign exchange

Foreign exchange and deceased estates

Special guest Tim Smith, foreign exchange expert

from February 2020

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Empowering retirement

Empowering Your Retirement: How Women Can Maximise Their Retirement Years

Special guest Emily Lanciana, financial planner from Apt Wealth

from November 2019

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business webinar

Shine at Business Webinar

Featuring Dianna Jacobsen from Shine at Business

From August 2019

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Family Farm Succession Planning

Family Farm Planning Webinar

Featuring Stephen Wait from The Farm Protectors

From May 2019

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Your money, your values

Your Money, Your Values Webinar

Featuring Tracey Sofra from Sofcorp Financial Planning

From Feb 2019

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