• You have elderly parents who need more of your attention, and your children are young adults but they aren’t completely independent yet. You are stuck between the generations. You are torn between them. You have obligations to both of them, and you thought you’d have some freedom by now! Just when your children should be grown up and gone, your parents decline and you need to keep an eye on them.

    This is the sandwich generation - sandwiched between your children and your parents.

    This is a practical guide for clients who need to know about estate planning for themselves, their elderly parents, and their adult children (and potentially young grandchildren).

    It’s a bit cliche; the sandwich generation needs to make sure they look after themselves first! They should get their affairs in order, because if something happens to them, everything revolves around them, and those they leave behind probably won’t manage unless a proper plan has been organised. 

    This book gives a client the reasons they should have a Will, and powers of attorney. It gives them information they need to choose appropriate executors, and how to deal with investment structures they may already have. It teaches them the basics about various types of trusts and the best uses for each, and also about how to make sure their superannuation isn’t missed in their estate planning. It also gives them advice about how to talk to their parents about getting their affairs in order, and similarly, what they should talk to their children about in terms of their superannuation and even inheritance for grandchildren. 

    It is a guide, like my first book, In Case of Emergency, but that book was in the format of case studies. This is structured into chapters that a client can flick to, depending on their interest and relevance of the topic.

  • This is a guide that every parent should read before spending another day away from your kids!

    Most of us have not planned at all for the time when we are not here. We plan for things that may never happen: fire and earthquake. We plan for things that are not particularly important: trips to the supermarket. we spend large amounts of time planning our children’s birthday parties and play dates. So why do we fail to plan for something guaranteed to happen: our eventual death? It’s just a matter of time.

    The plans and preparations you make today will impact generations to come, and this guide is the beginning to understanding how quick and easy it is to do the right thing for the people you love most.

    This book is about living the best life you can, leaving the world a better place and setting the foundation for success for your spouse, children, and loved ones, no matter how long you live and no matter how much money you leave behind. 

    In an easy-to-read story format, In Case of Emergency shows you how to plan and prepare for a serious injury or death. 

  • Legal documents to help allied health clinics to run their businesses. New client forms, sub-contractor agreement for allied health workers, hire of clinic room agreement, and employment agreement. All in Word format, ready to use repeatedly. Introductory price until June 2021.
  • This is a guide that everyone who uses social media, buys online, or even has email!

    Most of us either don’t keep track of our passwords and online accounts, or if we do, we keep that list passwords protected! This is all good and well to protect your information from theft, but who can access and close your accounts if something happens to you? If you were to die, how hard would it be for your loved ones to troll through your online accounts and close things down?

    You may have automatic payments that need to be cancelled, you may have personal photos that need to be retrieved and saved, and you may have social media accounts that your family doesn’t want to become memorial pages.

    This book is about leaving things as easy as you can for your loved ones, and understanding how quick and easy it is to do the right thing for the people you love most.

    In an easy-to-ready format, Death and Social Media shows you how to plan and prepare for your online life to be managed in the event of serious injury or death.

  • tradie legal documents tradie legal documents
    Legal documents to help tradies and sub-contractors to run their businesses. Terms and conditions for clients, hiring or sub-contracting, order forms, and employment agreement. All in Word format, ready to use repeatedly. Introductory price until June 2021


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