Protecting your important documents this fire season

by Sarah Coombs

Fire season has begun earlier this year and with the prospect of a long, hot and dry summer this year, it will be here to stay for the near future. When fire season rolls around, we immediately turn our minds to protecting our homes and their contents, including our important documents. However, what happens to all those important documents if all those preventative measures fail?

fire season


Documents such as birth and marriage certificates, passports, land titles, wills, insurance documentation or even documents that have only sentimental value can be held in our strong room. These documents can be of significant expense to replace if lost or destroyed. We don’t just hold documents- if it is lightweight and can fit in an A4 envelope, we can hold the item on your behalf, such as CDs, USBs, or photos.

By storing your documents in our “strong room” your documents are stored in a fire-repellent cupboard, in a double-brick room. When we receive every item, it is scanned into our electronic system allocated to your client card, so we always have easy access to your documents, should you pop into the office and wish to see what we hold, or you want us to send you copies. As soon as we receipt the documents, we also make you copies for your records- and can send you new copies at any time (whether that be certified or uncertified).

Best of all, this a free service offered by our office and you may collect and return your documents at any time during business hours. All people collecting or returning documents must sign a receipt and show proof of identity, which ensures that no one can come and take your documents.

Even out of fire season, by storing your documents in our strong room you have once central location where your important documentation is kept, and you minimise the risk of forgetting where it is.

You can call our office at 1300 043 103 to discuss adding to documents we already hold on your behalf, or creating a new packet in our strong room.