2018 TBA Law Wrap Up

Whilst a lot of us reflect own how quickly the year seems to have gone, it is also a great exercise to think about how much actually happened. Because a lot happened, and the year did not actually just race by with a complete lack of control.

In January, we summarise a lot of the changes that had occurred in the art of conveyancing, and how we were approaching it for 2018.

In February, TBA Law bought the Romsey firm James Kelleher Lawyers and merged that business into our own.

Romsey Office

In March, there was a major overhaul of the laws around medical powers of attorney. Here’s our article outlining some of the changes you need to know about.

In April, we focused a bit on animal rights, with Rochelle writing and explaining Oscar’s Law to you.

Relay for life

May saw our team plodding around the oval at Avenel for Relay for Life, and raising funds for cancer research.

In June, Jacqui introduced the Seymour Business awards care of the Rotary Club of Seymour, and the gala dinner unfolded with full attendance at the old tea rooms on the Seymour Railway Station.

In July, we focused on some of the consequences of elder abuse and how some laws have tried to address this.

In August, we had a run of people contacting us for things we couldn’t do, or thinking we could solve problems that we just couldn’t address. We focused on taking care of our own mental health a bit, and realising that we couldn’t be emotional supports for everyone, and sometimes they just needed to get linked in with other supports.

September saw the passing of a Bill still to commence in Victoria next year, being the laws around Voluntary Assisted Dying.

2018 Seymour business awards

Tracey Sofra, Jacqui Brauman, and Lajita Allan-Agnew at the Rotary Club of Seymour 2018 Seymour Business Awards gala dinner

Although it commenced in July, we didn’t see too much impact on the introduction of new GST Withholding rules until about September or October. So we wrote this article to ensure our clients had a better understanding.

In November, we focused on estate planning for people with a disability, given the International Day for People with Disability was 3 December. Here’s an article.

Finally, December has been about planning for 2019, about celebrating the growth we’ve had this year, and feeling appreciation (and trying to show it) to colleagues, our business partners, and our best clients.